TOWER OF FANTASY | Simplified Chinese

TOWER OF FANTASY | Simplified Chinese

TOWER OF FANTASY | Simplified Chinese

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BIG FAT DISCLAIMER! I AM NOT HELPING ANYONE GET INTO THE GAME ANYMORE. ITS HIGH TIME YALL JUST WAIT FOR GLOBAL. [汗顏]Hello everyone it is I Dio..? Before I review this game I'm goin to tell you how you can play this game if you're not Chinese! You should join the discord of the game since you'll find guides Chinese IDs and a lot of help to get into the acct as non Chinese. Also for those of you who still are having trouble after visiting the discord. Dm me on discord Cap_Yuno#5766 I have a account that'll give you the dets so u can sign in and play. Also dm if u cant find the server. Anyway lets come down to the actual Review. The gameplay is like a lot of other anime mobile games out there a dodge button that triggers qte one main attk & special button button 2 weapon switch button and a dash button. The game has a PC client as well as controller support. Its an MMORPG massive multiplayer game depending on your graphic settings you can upto 30 players or was it 80? Basically there multiple servers to choose from which means you and bunch of others might choose a similar server thus during your travels you'll see others around doing quests chests are shared so you wont have the trouble of chests theifs. The combat and movement felt smooth FPS options ranged from 25-30-45-60 I tried 30 & 60 both ran well. The combat is similar to PGR/Honkai rather than Genshin Impact for those of you wondering. You also gain access to vehicle and 2 Support JetPack / rockets etc. The game has a gacha system with really mediocre rates 0.75% on SSR with a 80 pull gurannteed SSR and extra materials from summoning so that later you can go to shop and acquire desired SSR. The game is pretty f2p so far the gacha characters basically act as a skin with special move and weapon SRs are just skins basically. Its fun to wonder around the open world but I can't say much for now since the game is in a buggy state rn. With graphics on some devices not rendering clothes and other surrounding items properly no matter what settings you are on. Be advised this varies from person to person some may not experience just graphics and have a smooth experience. I have for did experience this on my SD845 device but not on my SD870 device. The badly rendered clothes and surrounding and frame drops on weaker devices can be a bother but personally the enjoyable gameplay still made it fun & certainly barrable. Can't say much on story since I speak Chinese but it did keep me engaged the cut scenes and voice acting even though I didn't understand what was going on but developed an idea. So im figuring it'll be an alright story if it launchs globally, but I won't rate the story rn. The game offers tremendous value with better polish and work on character models since they still kinda feel dull and don't possess that wow factor niether the world itself. The game still needs a lot of polish to really bring that WOW factor and compete globally among its competitors in the MMO genre (not genshin). Overall it's both worth trying out and waiting for globally if the developers continue to work for a better tomorrow. ( ̄︶ ̄)



How to create a China account ? have anyone know how to get China id and phone number ? Now the game is work but the gacha rate is really bad !!

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