Artery Gear: Fusion | Japanese

Artery Gear: Fusion | Japanese

Artery Gear: Fusion | Japanese



Game khá hay, bản JP nhìn char mlem hơn CN hẳn ^^

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lets get to the reason your here. waifus ✅ uncensored patch ✅ H scenes ✅ Mozambique here ❌ Visuals & Art ✅ Can run on potato phone ✅ High storage usage ✅ Waifus thirsty for Vitamin D ✅ Milk trucks ✅ Husbandos with thicc bulge ❌ Mecha Waifus ✅



game is pretty great the characters have great designs and cute looking chibi gameplay is interesting a typical turn base game but the character speed determines who attack first story is ok if u can read japanese its fun to read but if you cant then just skip it gacha rate for a 5 star is pretty decent but the rate for the rate up is pretty trash overall if you have spare time and wanna try some fun turn base game with lots of waifu and booba then this is the game for you

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