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more like among us but modded... dont be so sussy or youll be lynched/voted out

The game has 3 different sides...
Mafioso, Neutral, civilians...

youll get some random role when you start.

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Isha Ishu


Great game!! But pls fix the bugs... and also now the whole game is about "Pay to Win" like fame is everything... and etc



It's basically the Mafia game but in a chatroom and a plethora of different roles ranging from the civil side, neutral side, and mafioso side. I played this game about two years ago and the skins for the roles have increased and are beautiful! The artstyle is an aesthetic. I can see that they have fixed the glitchy animation although moving through different tabs in the game still feels wonky. I am an on-and-off player so even though I played this several times within about two years, I still can't get around the game system-- it's very confusing. The sad part with the game is that many players have played in the ranked channel and the ones in the regular channel are kinda exclusive, not to mention the small population of active players in the game, makes it an unfriendly place for newbie players and players like me-- although this is a problem more on the players and not the app. In anyways, the game is still enjoyable once you find the right channels and the amount of lies and insistence makes it hilarious but also engaging. It's pretty hard to lie about your role or uncovering other's role while hiding yours. If the players come into an agreement to let the mafioso win, whoever finds out the other's roles will snitch on them, or if they want to be converted into the cult side they would just try to find the mafioso and have the civilians converted! You can pretty much make a story just by playing with others!

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