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Figure Fantasy | English

Figure Fantasy | English

Figure Fantasy | English




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TBG Toy Story hahaha. well atleast they have concept and changed woody and buzz lightyear too anime toys. pros: its f2p friendly, can be main game, its for all genders since it has waifus and husbandos, no energy spent to run chapters. it can run on 32/64bit mobile phones. cons: so many servers, p2w can dominate too much, gacha for 10 pulls a bit too much 3000 gems it would be better if its 1200-1500. overall its 8.7/10 redeem codes#1: treasure2022 , lucky2022 , figure2022 codes #2: YUKI888 , moonshine , lostpause shoutout to "beauty princess" for codes#1 & to "Epic7Global" for code#2 on qoo-app. TY For My Collection of youtube gamer codes.: FFSNS001 SWANKYBOX MANGOSEVEN MTASHED SEANB FG3000 MECHAGAIKOTSU GACHAGAMER CARBOTANI VOLKIN BORKONO YDCBGAMES THEANIMEMAN Like my post so that everyone could see it rather than bottom do not be a leech spread the love.



wow the game name is the figures fantasy that's make sense and l like it, I brake my favorite figure long time ago i was so sad and I'm still, but this game is perfect for me[賣萌][賣萌][賣萌] 💯💯

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