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The score is kinda low, eh? Didn't expect that. Maybe community in this app are having high taste, isn't it? So, ill give quick summary about what 7knight "2" is. 1. After playing this for first time, i don't know what to feel. Because everything are having auto-path ing. Need some time to reconsider in my mind about what happen in this game, and i might find the answer. What i found is, this game actually a HEAVY story-driven game, that covered as MMORPG game. You can find other players in game with their custom team. But it's still oriented as story game like single player game on console. 2. If you need comparison about what is this game. Maybe imo, its like Final Fantasy XII + Black Desert Online. It's a mix between action and turn based strategy. It's not actually like mmorpg like u can grind level everyday by killing monsters etc. You need resource for leveling character (although you still get exp by exploration and quest). 3. I can see playing this for long term game like the og 7knights. Although it's getting roadblock because daily ticket / entry for your progression, it's still acceptable. 4. About gacha value, uhmm.. I got legendary Rudy from my 3rd 10x pull. I don't know if it's okay, but yeaah. There is pity system as well. Bad thing is, there is also weapon and pet gacha. This one is kinda unacceptable because there is pvp in the game, and this system kinda leading toward p2w. So, for f2p player, plan your gacha well. 5. The rest, you can test by yourself. This game's story is kinda dark tho. Ah yes, it's a fine game.



lets cut to the chase. this game is almost like those auto click but with a flare. meaning you control the skills, individual characters, movement, so you can choose between free movement or auto. i played korea until now and my only complaint is the power wall which means either grinding daily for better gear or paying money for a better gear, pet, or character. iits fun only if your into seven knights but expect something that will mostly be a idle game which 70% of the time your watching the screen unless its a boss or tower dungeon which require manual dodging

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