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Red: Pride of Eden | Japanese

Red: Pride of Eden | Japanese

Red: Pride of Eden | Japanese

Suriya khunta



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Thai Nguyen


whoever played princo before, will see this is stupid game 1. longest ass tutorial ever, so don't think about reroll, some screens dont have skip button. 2. first 10 times gacha is fixed gacha, only 1 SSR confirmed, so rerolling will not help 3. after completing tutorial, they will give you nothing, so dont expect you will have enough gem for next 10 gacha. 4. there is no skip tickect, only automatic rematch button, so not friendly battery consumption 5. no automatic ultimate cast, you have to cast by hands. 6. charater design looks nothing special, color mixing is really bad, not eye-catching. 7. The stat different between SSR, SR, R is very large. so SSRs still are strongest even you have same stars. Conclusion: This game is good for you if you have enough time and can stare to you phone screen all the time.[發火][發火][發火] About reroll: 1. Locate to folder storage/emulated/obb/jp.co.yoozoo.projectyellow 2. Rename file "main.3.jp.co.yoozoo.projectyellow.obb" to whatever you want. 3. Go to setting, find this app and tap "Clear data" 4. Rename step 2 file back to "main.3.jp.co.yoozoo.projectyellow.obb" 5. Open the game



Do NOT support this game. Please read this in full to understand why. So, let me start by saying I actually really enjoyed my time playing Red: Pride of Eden. However, I can no longer support the game in good faith because the developers of this game are shamelessly plagiarizing animations from other games. While many compare this game to Priconne (I also did this since many systems are similar), I initially passed it off as mere inspiration from Priconne's set up and if we're being honest, Priconne isn't the only game that utilizes thos type of set up. However, I am led to believe that this wasn't an attempt at inspiration, but merely a copy cat, not because it just bears similarity to Priconne, but because these devs have repeatedly stolen/traced animations from another RPG-type game: Epic Seven. I play Epic Seven as well and one of the first similarities I noticed was the copied animation from Lidica's (E7) S2 on Isabella's special skill. Since it's a minor similarity, I didn't think too much of it. But after the release of the Orca idol, Lisa, it was clear her special skill was a complete trace/rip off of Seaside Bellona in E7. It doesn't stop there though. Their newest unit, Sherry, copies the spin and lunge animation of Ravi from E7. Alongside those, there have been 10+ additional copies located by myself and some members of the JP community. Additional similarities in animations include: Sloth Girl (Red) = Silver Blade Aramintha (E7), Mei (Red) = Spectre Tenebria (E7), Ninja/Samurai girl (Red) = Charles (E7), Ravi (Red) = Luna (E7), There is an NPC enemy w/ a scythe that copies a portions of ML Kise's spin attack, and many more. Sara (Red) = Fallen Cecelia (E7) as well. Some pointed out that the Horse lancer (red) also = Cecelia (E7) and Noel (Red) = Tamarinne (E7), but these are a bit more of a stretch. Smilegate, the developers of Epic Seven, have been notified of these similarities and are confirmed to be looking in to it, so I honestly don't know if Red will even last once confronted unless they agree to redo all the copied animations (which frankly is a very large portion of all the 3* units in the game.) The JP community has been voicing constant concerns about this under tweets about the game, esp those showcasing copied animations. Its such a shame that a pretty nice alternative to Priconne turned into such a plagiarizing shitshow uvu. If you still want to play after this, I won't fault you for it, the game is pretty solid, but I just can't support developers that so shamelessly put plagiarized content into their game, especiallh when they are plagiarizing from such a well known title like E7.

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