The Thousand Noble Musketeers: Rhodoknight

The Thousand Noble Musketeers: Rhodoknight

The Thousand Noble Musketeers: Rhodoknight

Emily Yin



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Very huge improvement compared to the previous Senjyushi! I'm still hoping for the other guns to be part of the game (particularly Leopold, Margarita, Ekaterina) but the newer guns are also very unique (some of them were the enemy bosses from the previous game)~ The art for the characters vary since they come from different artists (god bless Sidu-sama [大哭]) and they're all beautiful with L2D to boot! Tons of features like room management and retaining the affection system from the previous game. The quests are much more easier to navigate as well imo since it takes you directly to the stories as some levels are story-locked. Gacha is okay, I used up all my luck on other games [憋屈] Hopefully Karl and Snider come home soon! 3* characters are the highest rarity in gacha and all rarities can be upgraded to 5*! It's very worth to try! Rerolling takes about 5-10 minutes based on my experience, you can only get one 3* during the tutorial gacha so make sure you get your best boy! Edit: They will give you a 3* George upon clearing Chapter 1 of the main campaign, and I think you can get multiple copies of him and upgrade materials by clearing the quests on his special campaign tab (like the beginner's guide)!

Sherrice jackson


size is 1.6gbs and it should only take you about 5 minutes to get through the tutorial if you skip story. rpg for girls. went in with a low expectation and i was right. don't really do much during battles. not sure what all changed from the original game except the live 2d and some of the guys being available. they still have some that are only in the story. gacha is 2.5% for the highest rarity which is 3*. you get enough to do a 10roll and 3 singles. you get to do a tutorial 10 roll. no idea if 3* is guaranteed and it's not rerollable. might've bothered with the game if that was the case. the art is fine and to be honest only 4 of the guys are worth bothering with (for me at least) a lot of them look entirely too young and I'm just not into that. it has good CVs (that obviously didn't change) play the game if you want.

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