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LINE: Free Calls & Messages

LINE: Free Calls & Messages

LINE: Free Calls & Messages



Hey guys, it's me, Butters! I just found this amazing app called LINE on QooApp and it lets us to have a group whether it is in text or call!

Guys, please don't leave me out of the group. I promise I will bring Eric a piece joe every day, please let me stick with you guys. By the way, I have posted Note on our little LINE group. I'll be good and stop posting fake news about Coon and Friends, okay? Please let me stay.

I will also buy you all Stickers okay? How about the animated ones huh? Those cost $5 each! I have put all our photos in Keep so we all can see it.

Please, I just want to play with the gang. Let me stay.

(This review is sponsored by Leopold "Butters" Stotch, a young boy who dedicates to Christ and has split personality disorder. Visit his own YouTube channel at southparkstudios.com and remember to LIKE his videos)

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xiemon xie


Well, my friends use whatsapp then line. so, no one chat me :") but I like line's custom emoji



the gameplay is not too bad, but it has a very good chat feature and it's fun interacting with other players~

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