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It is important to be PC in this era more than ever. And where do you start the PC movement? Here at MEGA. Big red hat with letters MEGA in white on top. This is how we start the PC movement, being MEGA.

Being MEGA is all about one thing, and that is being PC. If you have a problem with that, I'm gonna punch you in the face then give you 5 weeks of detention. Suck on that.

Oh, this app helps you download anything faster. Download it now.

(This review is sponsored by PC Principal from South Park Elementary. To enroll in our fine institution, visit southparkstudios.com now)

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great ui, so useful for a small business as it even has screen sharing via call. And we get major useful features as well in future updates.

Stale Bread


This is Dropbox 2 lmao. The absolute best sequel to Dropbox 1 that allows me to download straight from shady websites that use MEGA and use chat link to talk to my nonexistent friends that. I don't know why chat is a damn feature but I ain't really conplaining. I can finally store my apk and zip files in a safe place with this app. 10/10 best storyline and gameplay would bust inside more files again

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