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Whoever gave it a 5★ must be too generous and happy with the unsettling issues behind this gaming industry giant.

Let's be frank, there is no way anyone can give a perfect score. Region lock to now ban in China (not to be confused with "Band in China" on South Park), literally, there are plenty of problems with this gaming platform. Aside all those, they jacked up prices all the time...then offer sales at incredible rates to a point where you have to wonder: how are the developers making money out of $1...

So where the Qootakus have been cool and be nice to Steam. Honest Review here remains undeterred. Very few critics have Tegridy these days, but Weed Farmer Randy here still has it. Remember Tegridy Farm is having its Christmas Special available this winter. Visit us at southparkstudios.com and have some top quality weed!

(This review is sponsored by Tegridy Farm, a legalized weed farm in South Park, Colorado)

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Vincent Winchester


Всегда оставайся с списком друзей на связи[微笑]



udah jarang main game game di steam [大哭] tapi masih sering ngegunain aplikasi "Wallpaper Engine", bagus bagus banget orang orang yang buat animasi di workshop sana.. [賣萌]

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