Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Global

Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Global

Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Global

Lily Macano


Another long review because I really like this game and I have things to say about it.

I like the graphics of the game. The cards are really pretty and I prefer them to SIF. Previously I didn't like the LL artstyle that much but it has developed to where I think it looks really good and I actually want the cards. I don't use 3DMV but the outfits are very good on my homescreen (lol)

I enjoy the songs. Not much to say. There's some songs I recognise from SIF and just LL in general but there's also some new ones I like.

The most challenging aspect of the gameplay is getting lucky on the gacha and material drops from songs/training. If you don't have good cards and the materials to strengthen them then the game is slightly underwhelming. It's mostly about grinding. That being said, even with just a few good cards (or getting lucky and having one full good team that matches the current event song tricks) you can do decently well in events (maybe because only dedicated fans and whales have enough materials and URs to tier consistently.

Event rewards are fairly generous (it's like they're just giving away URs). Getting gems is pretty grindy as well but if you persist with the story and do your dailys you don't have to wait too long. Boring calculation it takes 2 weeks of daily and weekly logins and tasks to get enough for a 10 pull, 7 weeks for 1550 to complete 6 steps of the step up gacha, obviously faster if you're completing the story for 10 gems each. This rate feels pretty fast for me compared to other games I've played so it's worth grinding for me. I mainly use skip tickets so it's lucky they give you a bunch.

The main problem I have with the gameplay is the same problem I had with SIF. For whatever reason no matter what device I play on there will always be at least one set of double notes per live that just don't register. I can flick and tap all I like but the notes do not respond. This can't just be a lag or device issue because the problem is consistent when other games run better. It's annoying to play easy mode and not be able to full combo because one of the double notes you tapped just refuses to register. Since it also consistently happened to me when I played SIF but not any other rhythm game I'm just putting it down to a LL issue.

Honestly I just skip the storyline because unless you are a newbie to rhythm games it's time consuming to have story broken up by easy level lives. I don't know anything about these characters apart from what their loading screen profiles say. I dont even know which girls belong to which groups (for 'have one subunit as center' missions) and as a non fan I don't care to look on the wiki. I like the game so maybe later on I will want to find out more but it doesn't make me want to watch the anime or replay SIF.

One thing I wish were different about the game is I wish I could search by character instead of unit or subunit. I know no other game does this because there are too many characters but if I know that a girl sings on a song and that's where her memorial gems are offered I want to find the songs she sings on)in the live tab (and not have to search through practice -> card -> practice tile -> memorial gem). Also I wish we could access all the tabs on one screen and not split between the tab bar and homescreen just because I dont want to wait 10 seconds to get from gift box to idol channel back to the live settings panel.

This game does have value just because it is a newer game in LL franchise. Lots of people don't like it though and stick with SIF. I saw someone say the players stick with the older game they know because it's a more traditional rhythm game, rather than move into an idol management game that needs different skills to succeed at, and I agree. One isn't better than the other, if you like LL they're both worth playing. I just think this one is a bit more rewarding and it feels like you get more or have a nicer time grinding.

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I always see people comparing Love Live and Garupa and saying one is better than the other. Having played both of them, I don't think that that's true coz they're both great games. It's all a matter of preference. I think Love Live also have great songs and the girls are lovable as well. I'm biased to the Nijigasaki girls though, and a little Aquors. Anyway, I like how there's an AUTO when you play a song coz I'm usually busy and that helps me a lot. It also helps that there's a SKIP ticket - I use those a lot in events. I also like that you can still get cards on events even if you didn't rank that high unlike other games (Obey Me is a good example). The home screen looks nice too, not too crowded. Of course, like all the games I've played, I also have complaints. Like how it's really grindy when you're just starting out and how it feels like you've been grinding forever but you still can't idolize your card or read the stories or get the costumes. And a minor thing about the girls looking like each other... I swear, when I first started playing, I have a hard time differentiating Honoka from Chika, especially when all of them are together... LMAO.



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