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Lineage W

AlubisKun Top Contributor


Lineage W

What I Like:

1. It features really well the original Lineage game including sound effects, monsters, maps, and items...etc. Which is nostalgic and brings back so much memory.

2. It’s a game very friendly for those players who don’t want to spend money or just a little bit. (Of course, if you play casually and don’t mind being weaker in the game.)

3. The game has a rather convenient built-in automation system. All you have to do is moderate and interrupt only when it’s necessary, which makes the gameplay casual.

What Could Be Better:

1. This game is very much a pay-to-win game. You basically won’t be able to obtain Epic transformations and magic dolls unless you’re super lucky or if you spend much money on it. Even a Unique one is not easy to acquire.

2. The item drop rates including some of the materials are so low. You’ll need to be patient or again if you’re blessed with good luck to get one. You’ll need to farm A LOT in normal gameplay for what you want.

3. There are many cheaters who use unlawful plug-ins to automate their characters and win them more advantages on farming efficiency. Also, the workshop issue has negatively impacted the environment by monopolizing certain items or materials for crafting. The publisher NCSoft is slow and passive in dealing with both of them.

4. Many players are complaining about its queuing issue. While some servers are extremely popular (usually of those which have streamers playing in), it is crazy hard to log in to the game because of the hours-long queues.

In summary, I think that this game is not perfect and it actually needs more tweaks than anticipated. If you treat it like an idle or a casual game then you’re fine, you can experience the original Lineage vibe and the excitement of becoming stronger over time. But if you’re a competitive gamer, be minded that you will need to spend a fortune before starting to enjoy the game.

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Полина Няшка


У кого-нибудь из России получилось поиграть?



Это не ла2 , это ллинейка первая в новой обертке. если вы не щарите и не играли то зачем ставить такие оценки? игра в полне хорошая. кривовата пока , но снанчала попробуйе недельку хотябв поиграть, а потом пишите. жду релиза у нас

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