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Purrfect Tale

Purrfect Tale

Purrfect Tale

Naranja Explorador de Juegos


la publicidad engaña un poco, seria bueno si no estubiera inglés y se bugea mucho se tarda en cargar y las publicidades para tener algunas cosas no quiere cargar [汗顏][鬼臉]

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Nguyễn Vũ


I get it, you guys think that stop distributing the game in Vietnam is the solution but guess what? It's not! You guys chose to ignore what Vietnamese feel, one of the most disrespectful actions! What if Vietnam's population is more than China's? You'll hear what the Vietnamese say and fix the map (maybe remove the game from China), right? Really shame on you!!☺☺



Cute game .I think I'm making mistake .I thought it's like raising cat and we will get CG eventually .I'm wrong 😅 There's storyline ,I like the story well .Also, there's still like error and need to be fixed. Waiting for the event as well. N.b: Now it's really heating about the world map .I feel like they should just remove the red dot instead stop distributing to Vietnam region... (just my opinion) .IDK why they draw red dot... edit: Oliver now lv 5 and he turned to boy (not cat anymore) 😳 (didnt expect this)

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