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That is one of the best games that I played. The storyline that are made me interested for playing. But what's pains me is doesn' t have full voices for Main Story, same as FGO. Besides, the mobile games nowadays are full voiced. If it is full voiced, I bet the rating rank will higher.

Oh, this is my comments about Act 4 - Shin Sekai no Yobigoe:

1. Genju no Sekai - The land of mythical beasts and fairytale creatures.

2. Bouryaku no Sekai - It's like Mafia Group vs James Bond's disciples vs Arsene Lupin's disciples.

3. Yuugi no Sekai - That's very entertaining world and I bet Japan's famous card games is in that world.

4. Shinsen no Sekai - It's like Chinese Dinasty War but the characters are Superhumans.

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Ravelio Hls Cokhy


please plus the game chain chronicle english

Sa Chan


English version shut down about 2 years ago, there was another company who wants to revive it since last August but until now, they have been saying nothing but asking players to sign the petition.

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