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Tales of Quests

Tales of Quests

Tales of Quests

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I was thankful that a friend actually showed me his screenshot when he played this game, I got curious and this became easily as one of my favorite text-based games!

-The illustrations are pixelated but drawn with real care and atmosphere. It gives a beautiful impression of the portrayed scenery in the game, not to mention, there's a variety of player portrait to choose from!
I was pained when I was just starting my adventure and I was pitted into this event with a pitiful illustration and situation while the enemy is high up in the level-- it took me several restarts to get a Nat20 and easily kill a high-leveled monster.

-I like the SFX and the small ambience in the story which makes the sceneries more immersive!

-It's the classic text-based game but there's RNG in the actions you choose, the level of your stats, and the roll1-20 dice during the fight. Dialogues and outcomes change depending on the result of your RNG. A bit of a SPOILER but there's this one scenario where you have to have 11 Wisdom so you could have an additional option to progress through that scenario.

-The story involves different fantasy-story elements like dark fantasy creatures, adventure fantasy, guilds, and the political side of the fantasy realm! Yeppi's character is a surprise to me since I did not even expect for the game to involve THAT fantasy subgenre.

Not to mention, it's a F2P friendly and the currency for additional content just needs you to grind on watching ads[厲害]

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really good game, i usually not play text based game, but when i play this game i really love it



This is actually cool. Kinda hard at first but when I get use to it. I just can't stop adventuring (・ω´・ )

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