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Figure Fantasy | English

Figure Fantasy | English

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I really wanted to try to love this game, but maybe its just not possible to at this time...
The figurines them self are fine, but during the battles they seem kind if stiff and lifeless (kind of ironic), and the special animations are just horrible. The animation itself is just bland and jarring. Not to mention the fact that the animation looks very compressed. Also, during cutscenes the characters will just run in place, and at the end of battles the MVP's model turns purple, like a placeholder.
For some reason they market the game ad an idle game but I dont think thats really the case. The only "idleness" that is present is through material collecting while your not playing, not making progress. The combat is nothing I haven't seen; place your units, and watch the madness unfold

5/5 (this replaces music because i have no opinion on it.)
I love the idea of the figurine collecting. Its basically taking something that we do anyways in other gacha games. It also opens alot of possibilities for colabs, if anyone does feel like it.

Toys story but anime figures...

I usually don't spend money on gacha games because I dont want to lose my entire life savings to a jpg, but they are having this deal where you can get a free character and gems if you buy anything. So I bought a 1 dollar v.i.p, so now I'm getting free gems and have a pretty good character
They should have made the currency for gacha Yen because that would make much more sense

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TBG Toy Story hahaha. well atleast they have concept and changed woody and buzz lightyear too anime toys. pros: its f2p friendly, can be main game, its for all genders since it has waifus and husbandos, no energy spent to run chapters. it can run on 32/64bit mobile phones. cons: so many servers, p2w can dominate too much, gacha for 10 pulls a bit too much 3000 gems it would be better if its 1200-1500. overall its 8.7/10 redeem codes#1: treasure2022 , lucky2022 , figure2022 codes #2: YUKI888 , moonshine , lostpause shoutout to "beauty princess" for codes#1 & to "Epic7Global" for code#2 on qoo-app. TY For My Collection of youtube gamer codes.: FFSNS001 SWANKYBOX MANGOSEVEN MTASHED SEANB FG3000 MECHAGAIKOTSU GACHAGAMER CARBOTANI VOLKIN BORKONO YDCBGAMES THEANIMEMAN Like my post so that everyone could see it rather than bottom do not be a leech spread the love.



wow the game name is the figures fantasy that's make sense and l like it, I brake my favorite figure long time ago i was so sad and I'm still, but this game is perfect for me[賣萌][賣萌][賣萌] 💯💯

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