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明日方舟是一款策略塔防游戏 这里为 🇯🇵日服🇯🇵 最先开放的是陆服,日服&国际服&韩服是游戏扩张版(统)图(治)海外而开的不同语言版本。 日服开服时间为2020年1月16日 陆服开服时间为2019年5月01日 目前游戏进度跟陆服相差了大约6个月。 日服的绑定账号方式为 Twitter, Yostar 账号 和 引继码。 里面的角色都是各种动物拟人~ 【顶上去让更多人看到~】

Justin James Aday


Welp this game is might be better than Nexon's latest offering ( i'm looking at you Counter:Side ) if you understand this honest comment of mine well then reply if u don't welp never reply The Pros of Arknights: 1.Illustrations: there's a few to say about this i would say the art in this game is just nice and the character illustrations were done by many artists but the nice thing in this game is the decent graphics 2.Sound: it's 80/20 for me and the character voices were done mostly by famous Japanese seiyuus ( Voice actors / actresses ) 3.Gameplay: it's ok-ish for me reminds of ur typical tower defense game ( e.g PvZ or DMM's Millenium War Aigis ) but the difference is u had to postion ur unit in a different direction b4 placing them on the spot. but one thing that this game did not had.... a PvP in which this game does not need it yet but the underground base costumization might be tricky even costumizing the dorm but it's an another feature the extra here is collecting some 7 clues which i dunno wht it's use until now and tbh this game is would be a value for ur time 4.Story: Just Decent for me and the post-apocalyptic setting is bonus points here 5.Gacha: You can do it by spending the red thingy mix w/ the yellow one ( u will spend 6000 red thingies for it ) or use the recruitment tickets but u need some thinking to get the top operator that u want if u going recruit them P.S: the Prices of the yellow thingy might be depends on the server that u playing The Cons of Arknights: No Live 2d yet that's all that i could say If u want to Play this game well then go ahead there's no one to stop you

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