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Eclipse Isle | English

Eclipse Isle | English

Eclipse Isle



Game hay, có điều là gặp mấy tên cheat hơi nhiều, nph kick đc mấy tên đó ra thì game khá ổn r.[不滿]

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Screem Outtis


Good game, amazing story with an fast-paced game play. Only bat thing? Can't find it on Google play. Extend it, make it cross platform, let Europe know what a quality game looks like. Add more maps and chars. Tough THANK YOU FOR THIS AMAZING EXPERIENCE. Cheers

Michael Ishibashi


So this game might have the most impressive graphics I've seen in a mobile game so far! The character designs remind me of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #(FE x SMT), with costumes from Dynasty Warriors. And the entire game uses 3D graphics, with a lighting system that gives it a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild soft cel-shading. Not to mention, it ran rather smoothly on my phone without causing it to catch on fire! The gameplay is a Hero Battle Royale, which sounds complicated on paper, but is pretty straightforward! Your character has certain abilities that work on a cooldown, but you can move about freely and use basic attacks. And like most BR games, you'll have to move around the large arena and gather supplies / weapons. You'll want to take advantage of your character's abilities and see if you can also upgrade the equipment you find. There's also bows and arrows you can use, which gives you a range advantage! The game has support for English and it has tutorials that will walk you through everything. So if it sounds confusing, don't worry! Try it out and tell me this game isn't impressive!

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