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Cookie Run: OvenBreak

Cookie Run: OvenBreak

Cookie Run: OvenBreak




На столе - вскрытый труп.
У стола - два патологоанатома, третий
читает заключение о смерти.
Первый, разрезая желудок
- Ух ты! Гречневая каша! С тушенкой! Вася, будешь?
- Нет, ребята, я плотненько поужинал.
- Ну, как хочешь.
Двое у тела достают ложки и с аппетитом выскребают содержимое желудка.
Когда каша подходит к концу, третий поднимает глаза от заключения о смерти:
- М-да-а-а, ребята, похоже, именно от этой каши он копыта и откинул!
Те двое выворачивают кашу обратно в желудок и бегут к аптечке.
Третий им вслед, доставая ложку:
- Ребята, да я пошутил, инфаркт у него. Просто я подогретое люблю!

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amazing music.. amazing designs.. new cookie releases amd events all the time.. plus, it's extremely easy to be f2p, new cookies are easy to get, and diamonds are given out by many different things anyways, probably one of the best mobile games

Vinzha VYZ


Very cute, a bit ad heavy but hey it's a mobile game. And as a gacha there's no way I'm giving up free currency. It's very grindy, but since the gameplay is super fun that's not as much of an issue compared to other games (unless you hate platforming). There's a lot more fun in platforming than auto gimicks and turn based combat in my opinion. The story is very simple and cute, and the sound design is great! I love a lot of the songs. Most arent things I would listen to regularly like in some other games, but for the purpose of giving the right atmosohere to the design of the levels, the music fits perfectly. It's a very cute and fun mobile game, would reccomend. I used to play a lot of the platforming indie games back in the day so this feels pretty nostalgic.

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