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Revived Witch | English

Revived Witch | English

Revived Witch | English



Годная и довольно щедрая гача с приятной атмосферой! Я ставлю 8 из 10 и рекомендую любителям тематики ведьмочек![開心]

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It's indeed perfect. A very type of gameplay that's not for everyone yet it can make anyone got hook in the game especially if they are real gamer and fan of vintage/classic console games. Collaboration of SNK and YOSTAR. What an amazing combo. I love it. Seems like we will be expecting future collaboration from both, I really can't wait for that. (Talking about SNK and Yostar Games aside from this) They should released an albums for this games OSTs. I would love to get them ~ 🎶🎶 Any newbie that wants to use Invitation Code. Please use mine. Thank you so much. d7c500ca



This game is definitely a certified hood classic and expected nothing less from Yostar and especially SNK. Graphics 5/5 I'm a sucker for games that can use pixel graphics and manage to make the game still look beautiful. This game also gives me a lot of octopath traveller vibes with its combat and style. Especially with the lighting. Sound 4/5 I love how they switch up the battle theme with each chapter to match the tone of the environment. For example, the first chapter's battle theme in the tower was a bit more sinister while the one in the second chapter is a bit more mystical to match the magical forest theme. Gameplay 5/5 The game has a Epic Seven and Guardian Tales type gameplay. You walk around different stages from a top down perspective with a sprinkle of side scrolling segments. The combat is nothing we haven't seen before. The combat is the typical auto battle with skills that must be manually activated. Story 4/5 I'm only have way through the second chapter so I haven't formed much of an opinion yet, though it's pretty good so far. Gacha 4/5 At the start of the game you get a reroll 10 times roll which is pretty good. BUT! The rates are a bit... low. Though the reason for this isnt because they want your money. the rates for SSRs and SRs are pretty good. But the UR rate is pretty low. but the reason for that is because there are only 8 UR units. So in the future when they add more units to the game the rates might get better... or worse. Issues As of now I am using a OnePlus 7pro so my phone is all screen (without a punch out or bezzel camera) So the image on the loading screen booting up the game looks a bit W I D E. I suggest you play the game on 60fps because the 30fps isn't the best, obviously. Some transition after battles that go straight into cutscenes or flashbacks are pretty jarring. If you dont wait for voice dialoue to finish, then the next line of dialogue will not be voiced. VERDICT This game is perfect for gacha addicts who love a quality gacha game like Genshin, Blue Archive, Slime memories, and Epic 7. And F2P players who are tired of FGO and Genshin.

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