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Hello Kitty World 2

Hello Kitty World 2




다 좋은데 캐릭터가 제 마음대로 움직이게 해주세요ㅠㅠ이쪽에다가 캐릭터를 놔두고 싶은데 그쪽으로 안가고 다른쪽으로 가기나 하고...

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I adore this game! If your looking for a game to just relax with and not have it to be "Pay to Win" then this ones for you. So far my favorite Sanrio game out of all the one's I've tried over the years ^^ Though if you wanna play this game for long-term; Please keep in mind that Sanrio games do seem to shutdown unexpectedly but if you don't mind that and just wanna enjoy it while it's still here then I highly recommend it <333 [And for the love of God, if your aware of Sanrio games shutting down please DO NOT spend too much money on them, take that advice from me I had to learn the hard way]



this game is soooo cute~!! >< even tho its gacha, the rate up is so generous and we can easily get apples without paying irl money

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