Artery Gear: Fusion | Japanese

Artery Gear: Fusion | Japanese

Artery Gear: Fusion | Japanese

Jin Pio

1. Full HD gameplay
2. Game Type: ACG, TurnBased, Strategy, Chibi, Bishoujo
3. Language: Japanese
4. Login account: Google, Bilibili, Guest
5. this is the classic styled ACG Turnbase game. The difference with other turnbased games is that the graphics are quite good, the game capacity is high, but it runs smoothly on many low-cost devices. You will be given 10 rolls as soon as you enter the game. Transform into the captain collect the bishoujou and fight the enemy!!!!

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lets get to the reason your here. waifus ✅ uncensored patch ✅ H scenes ✅ Mozambique here ❌ Visuals & Art ✅ Can run on potato phone ✅ High storage usage ✅ Waifus thirsty for Vitamin D ✅ Milk trucks ✅ Husbandos with thicc bulge ❌ Mecha Waifus ✅

Look like the china did it again . This is literally E7 but no homo faggotry bs Pros : 1. No homo allowed 2. The skill description is very detailed , actually showing the dmg percentage ingame( for example : 107%atk+4.5%hp , etc) 3.U can set your AG skills order before you auto ( for example : she will s3 -s2-s1 or s1-s2-s3 or any order you like ) Actually you can set alot of stuff before you auto to make auto easier but i didn't dig that deep yyet lol 4.Cute and funny anime girls 5. You don't need to farm catalyst because it doesn't exist in this game ( only mola for skill up , only rune for awaken ) 6. No arby in this game yet Cons : 1. Worst animation than e7 ( ofc ) but the art is very good 2. The skill upgrade system ( 3* have their own mola , 4* have their own mola and 5* have their own mola . But 3 and 4 are farmable in main story , 5 are from check-in and event or to be short , 5 are hard to get just like e7 . But in this game , you don't need to farm catalyst so i kinda have mixed feeling about this ) 3. The packs are overpriced just like e7( kinda expected , i bought it anyway , just want to let everyone know lol ) but to be honest , you don't need to buy it to enjoy the game . The game is fun and f2p friendly What i list here are the pros and cons i found in this game so far , you can check bilibili for more detail about the game . Sorry if i have any grammar mistake , english is not my main language . GLHF [開心]

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