Futsal Boys!!!!!HIGH-FIVE LEAGUE

Futsal Boys!!!!!HIGH-FIVE LEAGUE

Futsal Boys!!!!!HIGH-FIVE LEAGUE

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tiene buena pinta, el problema es que no carga y no deja entrar, solo se puede ver la intro nada mal, [無語]

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Nice nice, more husbando game. ( # ▽ # ) I will try later after the game release. [開心] Edit: The game is playable. So here's my review after 30 minutes of playing it. Uhm... At the beginning of the game will introduce you to the story and each team. Then you will download about 200mb to continue the tutorial. However, you still have to download small parts a lot. The art is quite eye-catching, the voice is enough for you to feel attractive for the first time playing. The tutorial is quite thorough, not too slow, enough for you to understand what you need to do with the game even if you don't understand Japanese. Continuing on the gameplay part, the game has a lot of things for you to play: 3D and chibi. Firstly in terms of the main gameplay 3D, you will pit your team against the opposing team, with key moments during which the game will let you play some rhythm-style to activate the skill. Honestly, when I first saw the game introduction, I didn't like the 3D character part because it was quite weird. But after trying it, it's smooth and not so bad. About the chibi 2D, this can play after you full download, you will have a section to practice skills for your team, and it is a place for chibi characters. Change clothes, take care and practice. Quite lovely, it reminds me of Ensamble stars. Haha. Next, after the main gameplay test, the game will give you 1 free spin gacha 10 roll and make you download about 1.4 GB. But then you still have to download small parts quite a bit. -_- About gacha, 800 gems for 10 roll. So when you download enough, you will have 800 gems to continue for 10 roll. Honestly, 4 stars would be hard to come by, or maybe I was just unlucky. But if you think this is salty, maybe you never try Fate/night haha. Do a Beginner Mission to get about 500 gem, 10 ticket roll like another Japanese game when it welcome to new player. So, the story is about soccer and youthful enthusiasm, each group will be different. Nothing will romance between you and your main, it like Soccer Manager. Lmao But honestly, the art good not gonna lie. I've only just started playing, but awww I've already simping for the pastel pink haired guy Abai from MoMoMi futsal club. And the MoMoMi club, they are so lovely and cute, cheerful. (Yes, they will be my main team) Pls remember that this game is still new, so yeah... need a lot of developments in the future, but to me it not so bad. The overall capacity is about 3GB or more, so before playing, make sure your phone has enough space. That's all I can say after trying it out, have a good time and choose husbando you.



フットサルボーイズ!!!!! ハイファイリーグ | Futsal Boys !!!!! High-Five League Gameplay: https://youtu.be/Sh6PeTJ2Wk8

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