Artery Gear: Fusion | Japanese

Artery Gear: Fusion | Japanese

Artery Gear: Fusion | Japanese



玩法?就是e7那套,你喜欢玩法不如玩更成熟的 e7。剧情?有点看头,但也不会有人因为剧情入坑。题材?机甲娘都快烂大街了,重装战姬从ui到玩法在题材上的体现甩这游戏几条街,不还是不火。福利?先不说多不多,福利本身依存于其他要素,给你再多福利你不想玩这游戏也没用,屠龙宝刀点击就送,你玩吗?

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lets get to the reason your here. waifus ✅ uncensored patch ✅ H scenes ✅ Mozambique here ❌ Visuals & Art ✅ Can run on potato phone ✅ High storage usage ✅ Waifus thirsty for Vitamin D ✅ Milk trucks ✅ Husbandos with thicc bulge ❌ Mecha Waifus ✅

Look like the china did it again . This is literally E7 but no homo faggotry bs Pros : 1. No homo allowed 2. The skill description is very detailed , actually showing the dmg percentage ingame( for example : 107%atk+4.5%hp , etc) 3.U can set your AG skills order before you auto ( for example : she will s3 -s2-s1 or s1-s2-s3 or any order you like ) Actually you can set alot of stuff before you auto to make auto easier but i didn't dig that deep yyet lol 4.Cute and funny anime girls 5. You don't need to farm catalyst because it doesn't exist in this game ( only mola for skill up , only rune for awaken ) 6. No arby in this game yet Cons : 1. Worst animation than e7 ( ofc ) but the art is very good 2. The skill upgrade system ( 3* have their own mola , 4* have their own mola and 5* have their own mola . But 3 and 4 are farmable in main story , 5 are from check-in and event or to be short , 5 are hard to get just like e7 . But in this game , you don't need to farm catalyst so i kinda have mixed feeling about this ) 3. The packs are overpriced just like e7( kinda expected , i bought it anyway , just want to let everyone know lol ) but to be honest , you don't need to buy it to enjoy the game . The game is fun and f2p friendly What i list here are the pros and cons i found in this game so far , you can check bilibili for more detail about the game . Sorry if i have any grammar mistake , english is not my main language . GLHF [開心]

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