Fredy L


disaster, this game is disaster, control is clunky, monster 1 or 2 shot you, purple weapon 1 shot full health.

graphic is fuking horrible, my phone is ROG but got a massive fps drop in all high setting whenever got to new area, new enemy from afar, or the wall shrink.

connection is utterly shit, from SEA region, connect to SEA server fluctuates at 250-700 ping... WOW !!! my worst ping connected to NA server in other game is 190-210 ping, this game just WOW !.

graphic ???? hahaha even at all high setting the graphic looks like SNES game, you cannot even look at wire that walling you from walking, the house wall is soo shit even 3 years old kid can do better at drawing n coloring. they only care to make the paid character, your own original character looks like a doodle.

ohh the sound !! every weapon type have similar sound the different only the fire rate, holy shit !! oh wait the claymore swing's sound and knive's sound is the same too hahahaha too stupid.

materia/magic ? absolutely terrible, terrible control and hard to tap, and hard to hit, useful ?? NO !! 1 million times betrer use your fist rather than this shit.

WAITING FOR THIS, what i got only shit battle royal.

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Gesio Nathan


UPDATED Review on FF_Crisis Core_PUBG_Battle Royale. After ***EIGHT*** WEEK's of gameplay on Mobile. As at Jan 07, 2022 (utc+0) Disclaimer: Since d game updated a slight bit over 2 mths, i hv deleted most of d initial reviews. So, What's NEW?? 1) The game is pretty much DEAD. The players u play with, on exception for a few already maxed out players n bought skins etc, the game is littered with BOTS, designed to either feed u, or kill ur afk ass. You can test this out by visiting d edge of d maps, n wait 4 BOTS to spawn in near you to come kill you with d equipment u need. The hazard zone's closing in on u, n human players run from it, not towards you waiting at d edge of d hazard zones. I'd say about 3-5-less than 10 players are actually real in any given fight. The rest all act like bots. They run to u, shoot u, n after taking dmg, runs away from u, to heal in a static position, n runs bck to u. 2) The only recent changes introduced to give some handicap to players is d introduction of "night modes" 4 u, but not on others. You can test this out too if u n a friend luckily joins d same standard match. For u that has won many fights, urs is night mode, cloudy n dark. For contenders, it's bright daylight. 3) After experimenting a bit, all classes are usable, but u'll need some gud player reflexes nonetheleast to contend w PC emulator users. 4) Chocobos hv been severely nerfed. They no longer one-hit KO players n they hv become quite ez to kill tgthr with their riders. Nobody mostly w ever bring a chocobo to a last 3-5 fight anymore. On d upside, u no longer get super OP chocobos randomly. All chocobo starts with terrible stats n passives, w new passives added in, like being able to summon them again after a certain amt of time. To get OP chocobos, u either need d at-launch chocobos, or u'll need to feed,breed, n try again n again to grind out a maxed chocobo tht only does 4 kicks at max stamina. And they arent as HP spongy as at launch anymore. And they dont one-hit KO anymore. 5) Player server brackets are still a thing, to best suit u in ur appropriate skill range. Eg more bots vs human players. And occasionally, always check if they hv automatically switched ur server location to up ur difficulty. 6) Most players are already seasoned rank 150/150, n all 5 classes 60/60. And d ones tht hvnt left were ones tht either paid cosmetics or just hv too much free time. 7) South America server closed recently, not 2 months in due to lack of players. The ones active are North America, Europe, East Asia China/Jp etc, n South east asia. 8) A good phone/ PC is still required w a stable n fast spd connection no more than 100ms (1 sec lag). Otherwise, u risk ur device freezing at vital matches, pvp, n ur character w just stand there like a figurine to be shot at. 9) I still continue to play in d SEA server because of their shitty connection n poor std of living. Im still winning many of my matches. Up to 900+ matches played, 642 top 10s, n 521 top 1s. But i can say more n more players r quiting over there. But this is reality, someone has to lose for d winners to hv Fun. Overall, once u noticed most players are just BOTs in both english n jp names, ur gloating ceases to amaze even urself n u start to question ur spending habits buying into a single player, sorta multiplayer FF pubg, with just bots playing w u. Im 8 weeks into d game, but im still enjoying d game cuz im winning most of all my matches, n taunting them after they lose. [不滿][不滿][發困][怪笑][怪笑][汗顏][發怒][發怒][色色][賣萌][耍帥][無語][無語][白眼][哇噻][微笑] EDIT: Look Up ALL the FF7 TFS twitch streams, letsplay, youtube stuffs. They ARE ALL PC EMULATOR Players. What nonsense crap u guys sprouting saying PC Emulators dont work on this game [發火][發火][發火][發火][發火][發火] cuz i hv been hving it tough on mobile trying to beat "certain agile" players. Who knew my intuition was right all along !!! [發火][發火][發火]

Kenny Lim


Server downtime is such a disappointment. Already have predownloaded from yesterday from Google Play store and u know what, overloaded server is still a constant plague over anykind of game involved with online services. I sincerely felt the developer sweating heavily on his/her 14th overtime working hour in the Square Enix Insane Asylum.

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