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Dont get me wrong, I love touhou project. To the music is good the characters and their interactions are unique and clever. But in this game... not so much. One thing I'll say right of the bat is that the character designs are good and aren't just ripped straight out of touhou 15.5. But the I hate the way the characters look in-game. They look lifeless and stiff, and thanks to that their special attacks are pretty bad to watch. Speaking of battles, I find it prettt annoying during battles when you move on after defeating the enemies the background doesn't move at all, just the characters.

Aside from battles... I think the gacha is alright at best. The rates for characters are kind of low, but it doesnt feel like they are stealing your money. The game can also be very grindy, like alot. The way the leveling works is this game is, you complete stages, get xp. No xp potions. Or, you could get materials to raise stats manually or other things. Meaning leveling up your characters boils down to grinding high level stages and wating in the dojo.

The story is meh... I feel like playing as a girl is clever because except for that one guy, everyone is a girl, though not making it a guy made them lose a lot of potential if you know what I mean. One thing they could have added was live2d to the story, but I wont hold that against them. And this game also has the "pointless choices" which ruin the flow of the game

Over all, this is a game for diehard touhou fans who love touhou regardless. But in my opinion, this game isn't really the best game for people who want to get into touhou.

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Friendly to both new and old fans. The gacha is quite fair and the event rewards are good. Can't really find fault with the graphics, and the sounds are quite good, though limited atm. The story is interestingand quite intriguing.

William Watson


This is one of the best RPG combat game I've ever experienced. The heart warming cut scenes exaggerated the movements so we could see them more distinctly. お気に入りのキャラクターの電源を入れ、最大6のパーティーを作成できます。 すべてのキャラクターのための3つの声の間で選択し、さまざまな衣装でそれらをドレスアップ! キャラクターは美しくデザインされ、愛らしい

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