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Wind Boys!

Wind Boys!

Wind Boys!



зачем мне гг-мужик?

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been fascinated and waiting for the game, downloading it right away on its release. i’m playing for a week now. i can say that i’m enjoying the game. the graphics is great and the ui is pretty good either, the gameplay isn’t that much but i’m entertained by their chibis doing random things. [暈] well maybe because i love raising sims and it’s mostly like this but still idk if it also go like that from some of y’all. the storyline is good, i love their bonds to each other already. i also like how you can choose your character’s gender like a female or a male, this is kind of rare(?) from some games since i’ve only played a few games like this that is allowing you to change your character to a female or a male. okay lastly, so ノーツ( Notes ) can also be earned easily in many ways that is mostly used for gacha but i think this could also be of use in some of things but i’m not quite sure since i’m still learning some of the mechanics in the game. all in all, the game is simply pretty and entertaining



IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS IS NOT A RHYTHM GAME. Check the game details and genre before playing the game. Graphics: Though the game doesn't have 2D Models, the art and Game UI is *chef's kiss*. The UI is user friendly so that's already a 10/10 for me. Sound: I like the BGM for the game (especially the Home Screen bgm, it's a vibe). Most of the BGM is just chill and I actually like it since it's also not annoying. Gameplay: Here we go again, so this game is basically a combination of La Cordo Starlight and A3!. This is meant to be a casual raising sims game which focuses more on story and card collecting. Also, you can pick your gender (Male character look or Female character look) for the game, which is cool. Storyline: N/A since I can't read Japanese. Value: Personally, a 10/10 for me for what it is. The game is just right up my alley, and definitely for those who like games like A3!, Enstars!Basic, La Cordo Starlight, etc. Would recommend for players who like those games and just want to chill.

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