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Graphics: Pixel sprite is good. Illustrations are simple (without enhanced curve or sexiness), but still moe. Additionally, this version is censored, so kids can play this too.

Sound: Dam, BGMs are so catchy.

Gameplay: If you love pinball then you'll love this. But, there are extra effects like floating ball, piercing ball and even a speeding ball. 3star - 5star unit roles are well balanced, but the need of six units' synergy is also the one that can disturb the balance. It has stamina system (but stamina gifts are so abundant, so no problem) & grinding can be considered intense (mostly for boss' token).

Storyline: Main story is just an everyday RPG story, but the story of each unit is the main attraction.

Value: The need of unit's specific role & synergy is just become hardly achievable with gacha.

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World Flipper Gameplay: https://youtu.be/CzHdZgio6cU

Cornick Zhang


I don't care about a lot of the critiques such as censor and slow servers. But playing this version compared to JP, along with how they reduced rewards in SEA servers makes me feel like Kakao is trying to nickle and dime (rip off) it's players for this game off the bat in order to try to hit sales goals, at the expense of providing value and enjoyment to the player. Kakao has betrayed it's trust in the gacha game community after a stellar guardian tales performance. Get your act together kakao if kakao wasnt piece of shit this would have been an easy 5 stars, but any person wanting an uncensored review will look at qooapp and not gplay also kakao deleted my negative review on gplay for the 3rd time now damn you kakao, This isnt how you do PR

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