Panilla the revival | Japanese

Panilla the revival | Japanese

Panilla the revival | Japanese


4.0 gameplay

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パニリヤ・ザ・リバイバル | Panilla the Revival Gameplay:



About my experience with the game: I have played this game for about a week or two. I am at around level 30-40 and have joined a guild full of players who don't want to interact (which is perfect for me because I just want to play the game at my own pace). Here are some thoughts while it is in maintenance. A good game that balances idle and active gameplay. Generous. Engaging. Doesn't require endless investment of time and money. I first took interest in this game because Aimi and Suzuki Airi sang a song for it, but I'm staying for how generous the devs are and how engaging they made the game. There's new events on the main page every week and although they are short, you are guaranteed to get majority of the rewards by logging in for a short while each day. I tend to log in for half an hour to an hour a day to do all the daily things like arena, mini map battles, guild activities, collecting the materials from the idle exploration. I really like how the game keeps playing itself while I am offline so when I come back, I can level up my characters and continue with the plot line. To be very honest, I have not paid much attention to the story... I enjoy other parts of the game more than reading the text. Lastly, I have not spent a single dollar on this game yet, and I am still able to summon every now and then to satisfy my (lowkey) addiction. So for those who are looking to gacha, this game is nice.

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