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Grand Summoners | Global

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Grand Summoners | Global



The game is good but just like any other game it becomes too grindy. You need 50 gems to do a single multi and you get 1 for every story in a chapter if they have it. You also need to complete 3 missions to get the gems.

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Pros -Addicting Multiplayer/ Co-Op -Brilliant choice of collabs -Very generous in gacha currency Cons -Hard to find multiplayer rooms without essential units -Abominable Gacha Rates (Recommend only to pull once for the guaranteed 5 star on each banner) -Very long grind to max luck units I didn't really went in depth because this title have yet to make any strong impressions on myself. From my experience playing this the past 2 months, I'll recommend joining the official Discord community. There was too much idle gameplay for me to really immerse myself with exceptions to difficult stages such as Ganan AWK and crests, both of which requires a level of coordination with your team. Overall impressions, nothing really special. I'll recommend it if you're looking for some short-lived fun.



Summons are a bit low rated. The game gives a good amount of diamonds from login bonus, but it is seperated between bought diamonds and free diamonds. Good side is you really only need 1 copy for each unit, but getting luck is probably the worst because the community can be pretty toxic judging your unit based on luck. Story is pretty good, but crossover stories aren't that great. Yu Yu Hakusho's crossover story is by far the worst, but the main storyline is acceptable and interesting.

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