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ughh I don't like Tears of Themis there's nothing interesting about the characters [白眼][難過]


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The game size is almost 4GB. The graphics are great for a game like this. Characters are interesting. The card’s art is so pretty but getting the cards that you want when you’re f2p or just unlucky is really hard lol. The storyline is also great. Gameplay is not that good but not that bad either. UI has became more decent after the update. I’ve seen lots of improvements in Global though the game is still kicking me out all of a sudden [發怒] Strengthening cards is kind of hard and takes a lot of time but your hard work will be paid off once you complete it. You can do plenty of tasks daily, weekly, or rookie tasks especially if you’re a new player to gain things, you can even receive a lot in achievements and fieldwork. Though, there’s nothing much to do if you already completed the tasks and the main story. Events are mostly the only thing that you’ll do in the game plus the temple of trials, daily & weekly tasks but that will not be the case if you’re already attached to the game. All in all, the game’s pretty good but I hope it will improve more.



it's a huge otome game, and a lot more resources have been put into it, including ideas that contribute to the entirety of tears of themis. i'll be breaking it down as usual since i have no way of organizing my thoughts otherwise. ① graphics: 4/5 - it's not very impressive when you look at it as a "game", but for games of this category (otome, specifically), the graphics are quite astounding. there's an option to set it to smooth, high quality, or ultra, so if you're not one to settle for less, go snatch that ultra setting. that, though, implies the possibility of switching to a lower resolution for people whose devices aren't exactly optimized for big games. there's actually not much to pick on in this regard, so perhaps the only factor that took a number away from my rating would be my personal preferences. i'm not very much into the art style of the game, as it looks stiff to me somehow, but the colors, movements, and other sets of visuals are frankly good. the background and character designs aren't too "new" or unique, but it goes along with the theme the game has been set to have. ② sound: 3/5 - before we get into the minor details, i'd like to announce the cast list for the guys is amazing. we have yuki kaji as luke pearce/minase natsuhiko, suwabe junichi as artem wing/sakyo shizuma, fukuyama jun as dr. vyn richter/moritsuki rei, and ishikawa kaito as marius von hagen/izumi kei. literally an all-star, so i have no complaints in that department as a casual seiyuu appreciator. that being said, the background music sets quite an atmosphere, but it's nothing special. it's what you would expect from a game, and that's it. regarding quality, though, i think it goes along with the graphics setting you've chosen, so it's not a problem either. there are no errors or glitches in the voiced lines. ※ the text did have bugs on the first day of the game's release, but they fixed it right after they handed out a survey! talk about efficient… ③gameplay: 4/5 - [before edit] reminding everyone once again that 3 isn't a low rating in my book, rather, it's the representative for "good" as it is in the little egg-shaped things on this app. so, the reason why i rated the gameplay a 3 is because it runs mostly the same way as other otome games and/or story-based games out there in the market. there's the main story, there's subcategorized "cases" for farming materials needed to build your cards, there's a log-in system which gives you rewards, card stories, and a "visitation" option to raise your affection with the characters. all of these have been seen in similar games, so it's not going to be very hard for seasoned players to navigate. oh, don't forget the gacha. the one thing i do like here is the trial system which appears once in every chapter of the main story. they added a minigame-ish segment (event) which turns the debate music retro, and an investigation segment. trial system is basically a simulation of a court trial, the minigame called trials of themis is an 8-bit version set in the age of greek gods and goddesses, and the investigation includes the "looking around the room to search for evidence which isn't really too challenging because they highlight the evidence" type of gameplay, the "looking closely at an object to spot obvious details", and "making connections", which is probably the one i enjoy the most among the three as it needs you to use logic (there's the option of clicking everything too, but…) it's basically the theme of the game, though, so it's not like it was such a huge surprise to find them in there. edited‼️i turned my rating from 3 to 4, as i initially completely forgot about the phone feature which allows you to look through the data you've run into while reading the story (i like archives), and you can listen to voice messages, video calls, and some other section which, again, has slipped my mind, through this phone. it is also possible to have chats with your contacts, which is a sure feature in otome games nowadays, but it sure is interesting in this one. ④ storyline: 5/5 - absolutely obsessed with good storylines; i've lowered the bar for my expectations regarding romance games in this particular area (i don't mean to offend, but they do usually have less substance than story-driven rpgs, or something like nier;automata. it's not as if i intend to put otome romance games under a bad light, as i've played quite a few before, which presents the fact that i base this on experience and not a hasty generalization from third party observation and speculation), but this one really does make me clap for mihoyo's story department all over again. the direction can get predictable (at least for me), but the way they're executed is absolutely wonderful. of course there are cliches to elicit the ドキドキ effect, but that's part of the game. the SR card stories have been good to me so far, and the personal stories do help you discover the secrets of your oshi. i'm not too far into the main story yet, but it's been a remarkable ride so far. i like how i actually do something in the game while i read. besides playing rock paper scissors and old maid with the leads in the visit function. a word, though. they're not exactly bite-sized, and some concepts may be a little slippery for some (it involves the law, various industries in high society, and cryptic words from our local shrink which i find really fun to read), but i don't think it gets very technical, so it's nothing to worry about as long as your knowledge is broader than the average 6th grader's. there's something happening in the shadows here, and i brought this point out to intrigue; not to spoil. checking for yourself would be the best ; ) ⑤ value: 4/5 - ooh that's high! yes, it is. it does its job as an otome game, all the while introducing new concepts and a really wide range of possibilities for other like games under development to learn from. the size could be considered a little on the big side, but the fully-voiced main story and the graphics, along with the pleasing visuals, will make the investment in at least 3GB of your storage space worth it. they'll probably add more content in the future, but it's guaranteed to not hit the double digits, at least (genshin's a different category, so calm down). this has been a long enough review-- perhaps a little too long-- but i can say i'll keep playing this game for a while.

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