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Kingsense | English

Kingsense | English

Kingsense | English

Gesio Nathan


1GB on download, afterwards connection error -retry for hours on end. not sure if regional block, all it asked after installation was to access my media n device n then nth. still cant play d game. thinking to uninstall if same thing tml.

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Bryan James Balana


Tbh, the game is great and can have a potential. Give it a try guys. For the devs, please fix the bugs especially the loading screen surely this will bring comeback. goodluck guys and thank you

Is a Nice game to play you can do dailys at ez speed, Graphics are Nice, Voice Character are funny and well done, Story is nice to see, haven't feel the need to skip it, the Strategy is well use, actually can be a pretty dificult for someone who is not into the strategy system, has a very nice challenge, and the gacha is not terrible, if you plan it and save you can get the unit that you need, also is nice to F2P despice some comments that i heard of the Company itself, Overall is super fun to play, give it a try if you have tha chance

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