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LINE Webtoon

LINE Webtoon

LINE Webtoon



some people say: why are you Reading those manga.
some people say: why are you watching those ainme
me: do you eat rice and water to drink???!!!!!.

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Webtoon is an application that has a lot of comics really with a lot of genres , well I wanted to try they're bl , but it's way more limited (you know what I mean ) but then you have to pay attention to other stories who have their one value like , I love yoo , true beauty , phantom paradise and lumine etc.....now I use it to read tower of god because there are no other website or application that will make you read it with the same experience for example with I love yoo I liked when they add music I hope more people will use it to read webtoons and Korean comics in the future.



[賣萌] a mi me encanta webttom yo lo tengo instalado y me encanta pruevalo tu tambien

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