Astral Chronicles (Law of Creation 2) | Global

Astral Chronicles (Law of Creation 2) | Global

Astral Chronicles (Law of Creation 2) | Global



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1. You need 10 copies of a character to reach his/her potential (1 to get said character, 9 to awaken to 5*). 2. There are 2 seperate gatchas for character and equiptment. 3. While the rate is not very bad. The gatcha is VERY expensive. 4. It has PVP 5. It has invitation system, meaning chat is filled with invitation code spam 6. It use an active battle system, with skill spam and auto. 7. The story is confusing, with a lot of mumbo jumbo, and bad translation. In overal, this game is nothing like Another Eden. :P

Tzeo Arudaloo


I was looking for a new hero collector game and I got baited by the pretty artwork again. I understand japanese and hearing them repeat the same line over and over again when using skills was extremely cringey, the entire time I was like "shut up already". Seriously there was no variations so it was torture. I couldn't get to the rest of the game cuz it's just that bad and the story was very bland, I just couldn't care even when trying to give them a chance to be interesting they failed. Played so many hero collector games, playing this one is like a downgrade. I do not recommend.

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