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D4DJ Groovy Mix | English

D4DJ Groovy Mix | English

D4DJ Groovy Mix | English

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This English server IS SUCH A GIGANTIC DISASTER HOLY HELL. Overall D4DJ is a game that has so much potential but because it is such a p2w they can never reach the full potential to be honest. It is very unfair to the new players on en to see for example, the Valantines event cards and they can't get it and they don't know about the Japanese server or anything. It is also unfair that they won't get 100% of the previous events and event cards without waiting ages. The en version is also visibly slower and it's not my internet that makes it slow, the jp version is extremely fast with this exact internet. Not to mention the D4Fes cards that you can't get although it's in the gallery because you need to wait for that event. They could've done such a better job like even doing what Bandori's en server did, just completely start from the beginning being a year delayed. That is way less problematic from what they did. I'm not speaking for everyone because some people would prefer it being this way but for me, this en server is a huge mess that is way too late to fix. Even the rhythm part is way too slow not in terms of the speed, it's generally laggy and I never got that on the Japanese server. To save your sanity you should just play the jp server even though that's p2w too, it's much better than this disaster of an en server



Mantap, lumayan cepat juga gw beradaptasi sama D4DJ. From Bandori Player.

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