Love Live! School Idol Festival | Global

Love Live! School Idol Festival | Global

Love Live! School Idol Festival | Global



I played this like, 5 years ago and stopped 2 years later. then Persona baited me. so this is my current view on this game.

why didn't they change the UI even a bit. I'm not complaining the layout design, that's it's originality. but the icons, buttons, etc. looks... outdated to me.

not gonna compare with other rhythm games I've played cz I'll definitely biased. their songs are great in their own class. even I still listen to it when I feel like it.

now as far as I could tell, it's gameplay is my favorite among all rhythm games I've played. with it's master difficulties having slide note, and there was an arcade challenge. perfect.

honestly, the main story is fine. but the event story kinda, to put it blantly, boring. perhaps they know that most of the players only cares about the cards but not the story itself.

for now, I'll play only for that Persona collabs. in the meantime, I may or may not get addicted again with this idol hell...

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игрушка дьявола но только на английском



Yousoro, Its Joke, Nyaaaa,Nani Sore Imi wakanai, Nico Nico Nii!!!!!, Zuraaaa, Pigiii, Bu Bu Desu was, Horosho, Kiseki Daiyo, Faito daiyo

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