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Soccer Spirits

Soccer Spirits


Hary Kagamine


Superb Graphics, nice art work, effect is cool, waifu n husbando players
Sound is Amazing, recommend using earphone for best experiences
Gamplay are Unique, there are many modes for pve and pvp include Guild systems, rich systems with many aspect to make your player grow more stronger on a match and much more.
Storyline are fine many player have different lore, different background, many races, beautifull artwork
For value i dont think there are perfect, as i know the games occur many issues and error but its fix it ASAP so they really have good care for the gamer and rich of inward rewards
That it for me thx.

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game nya unik ini, walaupun ini game udah lama banget rilis nya (gua masih SMA kelas 1) tapi masih aja banyak yang main.. cuman di mode PVP, gak bakal ketemu lawan yang seimbang, pernah lawan team yang "LLL" padahal team gua masih di "L" [大哭][大哭]



I am someone who's been playing roughlt 2-3 years. The game used to be super fun. After Reborn update however, everything kind of got bland. The UI change is.....okay, but the old UI was totally better. They also shut down Live Pvp and club matches temporarily and deleted lots of game modes so there's not much to do anymore. Not to mention maxing Legends is going to take absurdly long. Superboosting Legends to +1 will take roughly 1-2 months. Considering how a unit needs to at least be superboost 2 to be useable, and goalkeepers need to be superboost5. Speaking of Goalkeepers, SR Goalkeepers are pretty much useless in higher up leagues(Leagues above Diamond.) Also, at this point you'll want dupes instead of new legends to get those sweet L spirials. But with the higher rate ups, I guess that's not much of a problem. Anyways the game has become slightly boring ever since REBORN. New players are obviously not exposed to these problems because the Devs are spoonfeeding them resources. However, once you use up all of your free resources you'll start seeing these stuff. Although apparently they will be doing some nice spirial changes to help ease up on the L spirial problem, so I guess that's good. Community wise, SS has a really nice community. All the people I met through this game have mostly been really nice people who were always ready to help. However, all those pals are also slowly starting to leave. Honestly, I only lasted this long in SS because of the community. At this point I'm only logging in to grab rewards and do my spirial matches. I might quit at some point as well. However this game also has some good qualities, such as the art and the graphics. The team building and gameplay are also quite good. The Gacha is also better now. If you love this game and want to continue playing, then just do so!! Have fun :D.

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