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Black Psychology

Black Psychology

Black Psychology

Ichi San


In this game, they give you a social situation such as what you want to say on a date, or what hairstyle to wear on a job, and you pick one of two options. If you fail you do it again, and if you pass you go to the next scenario!

The goal of this game is to teach social "psychology" which is kinda more stereotypes like:
- if you wear great clothes to first date you will make amazing impression but if not your partner will be bored
- wear a front parting for a job interview to look strong
- when picking up people, make your demand seem tiny (eg beg for them to join you for a minor activity)
- if you want to bond with the person you like appease them by doing things for them instead of trying to bond over shared interests (not quite sure about just doing things for someone to make them like you, it sounds messed up)

Some of it is good advice, others are kinda stereotypical
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