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比較現時市場上的手機遊戲相當獨特。給人一種Witch House+Ao Oni+Among Us的混合體。遊戲最大的缺點是視角控制極差,配合角色控制時,很多地方總轉不到理想角度,會錯失重要調查點//迴避鬼的時機。



English Followup!
A unique game on its own. You can enjoy the game without understand Japanese at all, but DEFINITELY missing out a lot if you skip through the Story.

The crucial flaw in this game is the Viewpoint control. It is extremely difficult to adjust, nor does it provide a good view at what you need to see in order to control your character. Other than that, basically there is no escape once the ghost is onto you in early game...so, for the very beginning, that is why some players are having difficulty in completing the first chapter...

The AP Recovery Rate is sufficient, I am guessing the difficulty does get annoying late game so they make it that the recovery time is nearly as long as you take on each case.

The in-app purchases are decently fair-priced. So if you love this game, it's reasonable to spend just for cosmetics.

Likewise, no skipping means manual farming. And by design, no skipping seems fair too. However, that means time consumption is huge. So take your time farming. [為什麼]

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this is a very interesting game I love it and puzzles game so 10/10 I like it



its kinda scary btw.. and yeah.. go download it now before sodako come out from your phone screen...[驚訝][驚訝] *just kidding*[怪笑][怪笑] but you must download this game and play it right now..[開心][開心][微笑]

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