GoGo! Sorena! Shooting Star!

GoGo! Sorena! Shooting Star!

GoGo! Sorena! Shooting Star!



they should really finish this game and release it in English. Im atleast thankful that its free even though its good stuff.

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GoGo! Sorena! Shooting Star! Graphics: Relatively simple pixel/hand-drawn art design but it’s cute, all enemies are some kind of food with a friendly face and the ammunition shot is all chicks. Sound: The music and the sound effect are classic arcade style, they are actually not bad and bring back a little bit of nostalgia. Gameplay: Basically it’s just moving the character up and down on the side of the screen while shooting down the enemies swarming from the other side. The more targets you take down the more scores you get, they can be used to exchange some skins. For every game you have three lives and a bar of ammo (I think) that will recover over time, the faster you click to shoot the faster it depletes, you can also hold for release to charge a shot that can penetrate targets. There are some special items for different utilities that can be equipped for each game. Storyline: At the beginning of every stage there’s a very short animation to show how they got there but that’s just it nothing fancy. Overall: it’s a very casual and relaxing game that can be played when you have a little bit of free time such as when commuting or after finishing a meal. Follow me to check out more game reviews in the future if you like this!

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