Ragnador: Ayashiki Kōtei to Shūen no Yashahime | Global

Ragnador: Ayashiki Kōtei to Shūen no Yashahime | Global

Ragnador: Ayashiki Kōtei to Shūen no Yashahime | Global

Hasan Basri


The game was like jrpg with card game style making combo chain to gain powerfull skill effects.
The sound effects so satisfying for keep your volume up and music was banger.
Story was about fantasy youkai, samurai, ninja where you can enjoy full voiced story telling.
The graphic was beautiful characters details and fluid animation live 2d mixed with 3dcg scence.
Not only than the dev were generous so many rewards for reroll i count can do 5x10 pulls.

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The game has simple mechanics, reminds me of SinoAlice gameplay with a twist, it's different from your typical gacha games out there because weapons are more important than the characters. pick your waifu/husbandos then forfeit all your precious gems through weapon banner to make her/him stronger. UI needs some work since it overlaps most of the text outside the readable/visible area but i guess it's the problem with english texts. I'm surprised how the devs of this game gave an effort for us global players to enjoy the game even with some mistranslations. Not to mention they're so generous with the rewards. Definitely recommended as your main game or just your time killer.



Seems like this game is bound to get a global version or ay least something similar to GBF. Story is in English and majority of the UI is in English too. Only vital translation that is missing is for the equipment's skill descriptions. Overall solid production quality with nice graphics and l2d and quality voice acting too. Gameplay is like the evolution of Logres and as a still active Logres player I'm really digging this game. Really hoping that this game get some traction.

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