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Gate of Nightmares

Gate of Nightmares

Gate of Nightmares

beta zest


*Games review :

Games : Gate of Nightmares
Language : Japanese
Size : 121 MB [DOWNLOAD SIZE] (every time you lock a new stage, the games will download automatically)
Price : Free
Platform : Android, IOS
Download :

🌟Graphic 4/5
🌟Sound 4/5
🌟Gameplay 4/5
🌟Storyline 4/5

Overoll 4/5 🌟🌟🌟

Official Release Gameplay :

Keyword :
#Actionrpg #mobilegames #GateofNightmares #ゲトメア

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Sherrice jackson


size is 633 mb. take 5 minutes for the tutorial. this honestly hasn't changed much from the beta (the controls are better and the gacha animation is different.) and to be fair it really didn't need to change gameplay. think of bleach brave souls when it comes to movement and attacking but with some extras (such as an active companion.) the pov is different as well. instead of aerial 3rd person it's still behind them and 3rd person. while bbs does have the ability to move around in the area you're fighting this game has a wider range. also has an area to create creature companions. not gonna lie I skipped the story and i can't remember what was going on in it but from what i remember it was alright. you get enough for one ten roll (3k gems) and you get a tutorial roll. it's not rerollable and I'm unsure if SSR is guaranteed. rates are your standard 3%.

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