Mist Train Girls A-From the window of the foggy world-

Mist Train Girls A-From the window of the foggy world-

Mist Train Girls A-From the window of the foggy world-

Red Order


Its Romancing Saga, but with the twist - all character are cute girls (each one actually based on Train Station around the real world - like Akihabara, Beijing, Yakutsk). Gameplay its very the same, but with much needed improvements (like auto repeat or cool anime super skills). I really enjoy those two games. You can play English version on site Nutaku. They lunch in august. And the best part it very much f2p.

Это как Romancing Saga, но со своей фишкой - все персонажи милые тянки (каждая основана на реальной железнодорожной станции со всего света - есть даже Мурманск и Якутск и другие русские вокзалы), Геймплей точно такой же как в саге, но местами лучше. Есть авто повтор и например аниме супер атаки у героев. Мне очень нравится всё в игре, особенно как легко тут получать крутых персонажей. Гемов дают очень прилично и дроп рейты часто удивляют своей щедростью. Рекомендую всем, кто собирается играть в игру присоединится в наш дискорд по мобильным играм. Мы играем как в японскую версию так и английскую доступную без VPN на сайте Nutaku. Приходите ответим на любые вопросы по игре. https://discord.gg/Cw72eQC

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ミストトレインガールズA ~霧の世界の車窓から~ | Mist Train Girls A-From the window of the foggy world- Gameplay: https://youtu.be/jALQZ0wi55s

Mitsuneko Lucky


I've been loving this game so much since release 2 years ago. This game also has a Mist Train Girls Fandom wiki that's succinct enough for reference if you don't know Japanese. Graphics - The trailer CGI is great, especially the 2nd anniversary clip. Aesthetic is pleasant to look at. Sound - Superb. Opening song Mist Song and Twilight Frontier is the reason why i played this game, and there is new music on every new event, never fails to deliver. Fun fact: The composer for this game also made the soundtrack for Elden Ring. My personal favourite tracks is the Ancient Lake Cool Knight, Administrative Society Messiah, and the Enchanting Roleplay Dance Hall. Gameplay - Turn based JRPG is typical, though there are new game mechanics introduced over the years, such as Link Skills and the recent Elemental Burst and Arisaka Style systems that increase interesting complexity in team building. Storyline - Strong point why I love this game. The story never fails to update every month. Player character is the Conductor that resolves major incidents with his squadron of Train Knights involving the Mist both on Iris Cloud (above world) and Iris Metro (subterranean world). Train Knights are women with magical ability to fend off Mist Monsters and the Mist itself, which can drive normal people insane. Train knights are named and designed after real life train stations from all over the world (Detroit, Shibuya, Munich, Carthage, Putra) Personal stories for each train knight is also available, involving their daily lives, backstory for why they join the military, and relationships with other characters. You can give it a read on the Wiki if you're interested, as it's translated. Value - Mist Train practically spoiled me in free content, and stopped me from playing other more popular (and stingier) gachage like Genshin Impact and FGO. To explain, the publisher DMM has a ranking system for most popular game of the day, and whenever Mist Train Girls gets 1st place, 3000 gems are awarded to all players. For reference, a single 10-pull is 3000 gems. As for gacha rates, highest rarity SS is 3% per banner, and featured train knights are 1% a piece. Dupes are pointless in this game, as you can fully max out a character with in-game resources (Salem Farming 2-5 Normal). Give it a go, there is also an official Mist Train Discord for everyone to communicate and chat with.

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