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Last Origin | Korean

Last Origin | Korean

Last Origin | Korean



so when I try to initiate battle I got this notification iin Korean

but I don't know what it means so it is bas
cally unplayable

my battery is at 80%+ btw

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Join the JP server prereg https://event.lastorigin.jp/pre_regist The censorship doesnt bother me much. It still the fun game that i played before. I want them to add more mecha and bonus combination if players role out with certain units combination. To people who lost their account because they dont link it with google account? Tough shit, just roll a new account. Join discord channel for guide, community and lolis https://discord.gg/3kqR5XAGUk

Reilumi Tia


sad censored... It slowly to update game function. It not have anything except storyline. But I love to manage my team. ....Present didn't slow to update function. Now, they add it week by week.

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