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AlyneM Game Hunter


This game is alright. It's not the best idle game, and neither is it the best room designing game, but it's entertaining on both aspects

The currency to buy and unlock rooms and items relies on the idle gameplay. You serve guests in your rooms and restaurant. In this part of the game, you can't move the furniture. The game also accumulates money while you're offline. Like other idle games, Resortopia has a lot of ad options for you to earn extra money.

The designing part is unlocked around 10 minutes after you started playing. You can move objects around, but you have to unlock the items with currency before you're able to use them. Fortunately, money isn't that hard to earn. A little bit later, after you've unlocked the magazines, you should be able to see other people's designs and give them likes.

Sometimes, it can seem like there's too much going on. So much currency and items to deal with, commissions, expeditions, and such. It's what's keeping me from giving the gameplay portion a higher rating. With a lot going on, it can seem daunting to look at. The screenshots just makes the game look clean and simple but it's not the same playing it.

Graphics are great. Some characters are cute, except of the main character [不滿] You judge

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OtaQoo 91025796


i love this game so much! This is the longest I've kept a mkbile game as it's simple and not money-grabbing like many other games, but is actually really great and always has new challenges.

Serene Toh


I think this is a really cute game. I love it. a lot of things to unlock and explore. A game for you to play when you are having some free time. [害羞]

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