Gundam Supreme Battle | Korean

Gundam Supreme Battle | Korean

Gundam Supreme Battle | Korean



If only i can read the text i will dominate you.
too bad i need to examine all the robots 1 by 1
who have the best melee, range and mid-range.
The only good way to test it is to go on practice and check their skills.

so far 7/10

if only the main page is not messy ui i would rate it more. the battle system on this is way more better on that gunpla breaker also the gacha but it cost too much to do a single x10. 1200 for pull that was bad and the rng so bad too.

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Been playing on CN Server for a long time. Finally a same game with playable Ping ayy. Gonna address some 3 basic stuff. A long review one. If you are Casual Gamer, i hate to tell you that this is not a Casual/Beginner friendly game. You got a lot of sweatiest players who probably sweat a lot when playing this lmao. The ai are sweaty also. Heavy PVP game. There are some PVE Mode too, which is kinda nice. So if you're slow brain guy a.k.a a boomer with slow ass fingers, then this game is not for you im sorry. Heavy Monetized game. Gacha man Gacha. So is the game Pay To Win? Well yes, tho the defenders love to said this game is not a P2W. Classic Defenders. So u want a 3 Star Unicorn Gundam or any 3 Star MS/Pilot? go and suck most of your daddy/mommy money to this game and pray that at least you got some 3 star MS which is definitely not a Unicorn after what, 20-40 pull? unless you're lucky af. Heavy Skill based game. Non existent Balanced on any PVP match so be careful. So if you're on a match with 2 star suit vs 3 star MS player, just hope he's just a lucky noob p2w player that got 3 star. Nothing can beat skills. Well mostly. Oh ya last thing, Heavy Grinding game also. ok done.



ntap lah ,, dari segi story terlalu easy 😅 cuma yg di sayangkan ping nya gede tiap kali pvp sama arena battle so ngepush ranked nya lumayan berat karna sampe 300MS 😂 server korea 2 by Rena

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