WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom

WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom

WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom

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I adore the game, I have like 6 children [開心]
graphic ok[無語]
gameplay easy to understand [厲害]
and money easy to earn[色色]

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im super surprised this game went under the radar for so many people! its such a fun game in which it can captivate your attention for a long time! Its a bit hard to control where to go but other than that, if you like stardew valley, then you will probably like elnea kingdom too! [開心]



I love this game because it carries a good aura with it and brings you into the actual gameplay of it. It also keeps the story going as long as you play. I also really like this game because the first time I played the game my character became a Farmer and married Aida Lumley (in which the kingdom was soon to be run by a man named Kyle Flecker) and when Aida and my character had a kid she was the opposite gender and Kyle and Alisa Flecker's kid which gave me the possibility of becoming part of the Royal family. So when both the kids turned 5 (15) years old (because they were born on day 7 and 10) they graduated on day 1 and I frantically ran to find Gerwulf (the crown prince) and my heart was racing like crazy i could not breaaaaaathe. I took him to the lucky tower and declared my love and he agreed and i was extremely happy [開心][害羞][賣萌] because i was extremely lucky to be able to become part of the Flecker family.[色色]

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