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Grand Summoners | Japanese

Grand Summoners | Japanese

Grand Summoners | Japanese



Gacha rate not bad story you can enjoy and gameplay good for me

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People get pissed off the game sometimes because they either didnt get any 5☆ and just cry here



pretty p2w. This game is not worth your time unless you put money into it. Its storyline has multiple plotholes and all the game cares about is releasing new heroes to get more money. To clarify, I have played on both jp and global for this game to try to see which one seems better. Both of them have shitty rates and poor ass storyline with jp (obv) having more story than global. If you really want to download, please try the global if you want to reroll as jp is not reroller friendly. For the people saying that it is not p2w, there are units such as sistina and lisa which ARE p2w and some content requires specific units such as those. They dont come often in banners, forcing players to whale for them.There are games like arknights and azur lane that tries to provide players with f2p content. You can try this game if you want, however you have to keep in mind to not be angry while whaling / being f2p and getting undesirable units have fun ❤

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