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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite

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Ahhh.. MOBAs... When you're thinking of MOBAs, I kinda know what gets in your mind first. Team Fortress 2! Eh?! Eh?! [開心] Sei! TF2 is not a MOBA! [發火] Lol. I know kid, I'm just kidding. [汗顏] So.... POKÉMON UNITE! Of all things that you might think that will get a MOBA, you will really least expect of this one. But Nintendo did it! Tencent did it! and why? Because ML sucks that's why! [怪笑] just kidding... It's probably because there really is a market when it comes to mobile games. You can also see it on how they designed their power ups via held items. If you can pour $$$ on this game, you might get those items leveled up faster and might give you an edge on early games! Heck might even the whole game because it's so short! Strictly 10 minutes per play. So this game is not good Sei? [難過] What?! No! It's enjoyable! Aside from the different feel on some skills of the Pokémon, it also have different rules and strategies on how you can win the game. It might be still the same "defending the towers" type of play like any other MOBAs but it doesn't depend on how strong the other players are most of the time. It depends on how much points you can get in on those hoops. You can even play this without killing others and just try to hoop if no one is looking or your teammates managed to kill them. Of course if you're already well-fed you can easily defend the bases or attack the opponents' bases. That is where the other strategies will come. Kill them Sei? [驚訝] Oh yeah! No such thing of getting killed on Pokémon! Make them faint! Unless we're talking about the Pokémon manga... That's different. [汗顏] How about the strategy Sei? Well... Just like on regular MOBAs, you can do split pushing, just focus on farming or get that Zapdos! Oh boy! A lot of my games are already losing games but we still managed to snag the Zapdos! But of course that's if the opponent can't defend their bases. There are players that are really good on this game and really hard to deal with. [厲害] Any notes Sei? Right. It's really hard to justify this game's difference with other MOBAs. It's quite something that a player will just feel by playing it. That's why you just have to try it! 1 round is just 10 minutes no more extensions by defending it and will really focus on how much score you can pour for your team and also the amount of objective you can get on each game! A losing game on this can be much easily taken back if the whole team cooperates. The game really focus on cooperating and being aware on the map (For getting the objectives) I wouldn't make a comment about teams and matchmaking because sometimes, you're at the matchmaking's mercy. If you are with a player that only knows taking down enemies? It's a losing game. [厲害] Try it!



在switch上玩過一陣子,以前沒玩過這種Moba類型的遊戲,但不會太難上手,寶可夢戰鬥間沒有以前屬性相剋的概念,對於老寶可夢系列玩家來說還蠻新鮮的,不過因為不擅長這類遊戲,不久後就沒玩了。 道具的功能偏向LOL的符文,不過比較不同的是寶可夢的道具可以強化,就我的認知LOL好像沒有這個功能?所以道具等級強度或許也對戰鬥有些影響,跟LOL完全吃玩家操作的系統有點不太一樣。 遊玩的策略也有差異,因為寶可夢大集結是看寶貝球數量取勝,比起攻擊對手玩家,關注三蜜蜂等等野怪重生的時機反而更重要,我覺得戰鬥前期專注於得分比較容易取得優勢,不過因為我不擅長遊玩這類遊戲,可能認知錯誤,歡迎更專業的玩家指正😖 寶可夢的強度也有差別,剛開服時耿鬼真的非常非常強勢,可以幾乎無冷卻開技能,但現在應該改掉了? 除了耿鬼之外,個人認為呆河馬也很強,可以牽制對手又夠坦,看到對手是呆河馬都想直接繞路走掉[汗顏] 當時玩得比較順手的是白蓬蓬,當對手攻過來時可以開棉花防守保護隊友,還有奶媽的功能,如果初次接觸這類遊戲可以先試試看~ 但我選擇的原因不是因為白蓬蓬特別強的關係,只是因為不擅長這類遊戲所以選了相對容易理解的寶可夢,建議大家可以先練習看看哪隻寶可夢比較順手! 遊戲剛開服時有不少活動,獎勵包括寶可夢卡跟道具等等,甚至寶可夢的服裝也有送(印象中,可能有錯),不過如果有想要特定寶可夢的服裝,應該還是要課金,除此之外遊玩上應該不太需要花錢 總之我認為這是一款不錯的遊戲,對於不熟悉Moba類遊戲的我算是蠻友善的,至少角色都是熟悉的寶可夢,技能也算是比較好理解,目前能遊玩的角色數量並不多,因此都能比較好掌握每隻寶可夢的性能,難度應該不會像LOL一樣不好上手 因此像我一樣的玩家可以透過這款遊戲作為入門,熟悉這類遊戲的玩家也可以試著玩玩看,或許能有不一樣的體驗[色色]

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