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Touhou LostWord | Global

Touhou LostWord | Global

Touhou LostWord | Global

キミノ Game Hunter


nice game

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Friendly to both new and old fans. The gacha is quite fair and the event rewards are good. Can't really find fault with the graphics, and the sounds are quite good, though limited atm. The story is interestingand quite intriguing.

William Watson


This is one of the best RPG combat game I've ever experienced. The heart warming cut scenes exaggerated the movements so we could see them more distinctly. お気に入りのキャラクターの電源を入れ、最大6のパーティーを作成できます。 すべてのキャラクターのための3つの声の間で選択し、さまざまな衣装でそれらをドレスアップ! キャラクターは美しくデザインされ、愛らしい

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